Controlled drinking Alcohol – living consciously. With MeSelfControl!

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You are at one with yourself, you are successful and confident in your job. Nevertheless, there is something that you would like to change: your alcohol-drinking behaviour. You want to drink alcohol in a controlled way, to make your life more conscious and better. In that case MeSelfControl is just right for you. It helps you to pursue your new path for more quality of life and vitality actively, safely and independently with a scientifically founded and proven alcohol reduction program.

This is MeSelfControl


At the beginning you observe objectively your alcohol drinking behaviour. You log your alcoholic beverage consumption on a daily basis.


In the second step you actively reduce your alcohol consumption. You stick to your defined alcohol drinking limits.


Finally, you secure your success permanently and introduce alcohol drink-free days in your program.


At the beginning of MeSelfControl you observe yourself your alcohol drinking behaviour. Completely objectively. You enter daily what, and how much alcohol you drink. If you do not drink anything, you do not register anything.

MeSelfControl adapts to you individually and becomes your personal coach. MeSelfContol helps you figure out what motivates you to drink alcohol, and when it might increase the risk of excessive alcohol consumption.


If you actively reduce consumption, your alcohol reduction program will have a positive and noticeable effect on your vitality and Quality of life! Depending on your personal rhythm, you can set your own limits or receive a suggestion from MeSelfControl that you can manually adjust.

Daily and weekly reviews give you feedback and a comprehensive insight into your drinking habits. The “BeActive” feature encourages you to stay active and with the “Familiarity” feature you can request help in difficult situations.


Your alcohol drinking behaviour is now in the low risk area! Now you secure your success permanently and include drinking-free days in your program. Weekly review and a success system continue to motivate you.

This is what Prof. Dr. H.-P. Volz says about MeSelfControl:

Alcoholism threatens more people than ever (support.html # ui-id-19). It kills tens of thousands of people each year in Germany, the social-medical consequences (job loss, hospital admissions, sick leave) are exorbitant, but also other consequences such as traffic accidents are very serious. Despite some successes, including in the medical field, it often takes years, before alcoholics live abstinently or drink significantly less. In a majority of cases however, this is never achieved. Along the way, this newly developed App can help you to become aware of the extent of harmful alcohol consumption, but also whether or not there is an addiction. Above all, it can help to drink less or nothing. This is achieved through intelligent reinforcements provided by the App. A special part of this app is the stabilisation of the therapeutic success – often not sufficiently covered in current therapy programs. So with this App there a flexible, everywhere usable “tool” available, which on the one hand is astonishingly simple, on the other hand amazingly comprehensive, for the reduction of the drinking volume up to achieving abstinence (

Prof. Dr. H.-P. Volz Krankenhaus für Psychatrie, Psychotherapie und Psychosomatische Medizin Schloss Werneck